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This picture has some special quality as Battlecake pointed out: It calls every muslim hypocrite who doesn't follow islam in a way perceived as bad.
And this is a problem many of the pictures in atheism share: I find something I don't like, I say this is religion (or islam or christianity or or or), I say Hahaha, this is so wrong, look how smart I am/an atheist is.
Whether or not this is actually a thing in said religion.
And to define my own prejudice as truth and be kind of offended, if real people don't match my prejudice so I have to call them hypocrite to conserve my truth - is a fucking stupid thing to do.
And it doesn't make a good joke, it's just boring.
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Well, besides finding this picture, you haven't ether...
Don't let them trick you!
You won't get free books in college!
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Ah, so you're an antisemitic frat student, unable to buy your children food and whining about, why you can't just spend the whole day fishing, instead of listening too your wife begging you to get a job?
Well, makes sense.
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Und den ganzen Sätzen? Hä? Meint Person B, dass er so viele Sätze benutze?
Ach! Ah! Er meint, dass er seine Sätze vollständig bilde. Warum sagt er das dann nicht? Ist er zu blöd, eindeutige Formulieren zu nutzen? Vielleicht glaubt man ja deshalb, er rede komisch …
But to be honest... Scrap the whole pizza thing. "Toast Hawaii" is way more fun!
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Soccer seems not to be very popular in germany...

Sorry, I have no symphathy for racists, but the picture is so stupid I had to poke fun at it...
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Please Enjoy this Culturally, Ethnically, Religiously and Politically Correct Cartoon Responsibly. Thank You.’

Michael Shaw (The New Yorker 2006)


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You got the wrong thread, dude... The other one was way more durr...
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