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If you want some theory stuff on that:
Masculine: Used for everything. If it's a normal and used german word, it will be masculine. Except for reasons ...
Neuter: objects or things that can't be "active". That's the reason, why the neuter lacks any real Nominativform. (yeah, now it's possible, thinking has changed)
Feminine: Everything that is abstract or some kind of plural (that's the origin) - and subsequently of that: every thing that's feminine

so: Der Schwimer (masculine)- the swimmer - someone who swimms
Das Schwimmen (neuter) - the swimming - the act of swimming
Die Schwimmerei (feminine) - the "abtract concept" of swimming

Also remember: The grammatical gender has nothing to do with actual gender. Like in english you only know if something has a penis (or whatever) if the word itself descripes something that has a penis.

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